Anna Luise Rother


tl;dr: illustration! // motion graphics, graphic design // likes dogs

Although Anna is able to use a wide variety of illustration approaches, she enjoys above all her own style: quick drawings with more than just a nice picture behind. She loves wordplay, ambiguity and making mistakes. Her motto: “a straight line has little value if it doesn’t say anything”. Anna likes to play with colours, yet she always enjoys to return to good old black and white illustration.
After studying design, she worked as an art director in the advertising industry for a few years, when she began to itch more and more to take the drawing pencil permanently in her hand. She has now been working as an illustrator for more than four years, combining her knowledge of graphic design and art direction with her illustrations. For some time now, she has also enjoyed incorporating movement into her drawings, which makes her work particularly interdisciplinary and gives her even more toys to play with. Her most important demand on her works is to entertain the viewers and, above all, herself 😉

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  • Teil vom "Monument of Many: Iconic City" auf der Monumenta in Leipzig


  • Deutsch
  • Englisch
  • Französisch
  • etwas Hebräisch


10559 Berlin