Natascha Horvath


Natascha Horvath is a Brazilian woman, illustrator and print textile designer who believes that creating with hands means creating with the heart. She grew up in the middle of the world’s biggest urban forest, the so-called Serra da Cantareira in São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing, painting and handcrafting have always been her passion.

She has a degree in Fashion Design at the University of São Paulo. For eight years Natascha worked at the Print and Textile factory Santaconstância. With a lot of print collections expertise, she also perceives everything with sensibility and in a savvy way. Dedication and technological know-how quality-driven with attention to technical issues are also part of her professional skills.

After working in the fashion industry Natascha decided to break new ground: in 2019 moved to Germany and reconnect with her essence and dream of creating art, illustration and textile prints. Now she is keen on new opportunities to offer her artwork and print designs: NT Studio.


  • First place in the brasilian national Contest "Prints & Museums", promoted by IBRAM - Brazilian Museums Institut, in the special category dedicated to the celebration of 70 years of the Museum Victor Meirelles.


  • Portuguese - native
  • English - advanced
  • German - intermediate
  • Spanish - Intermediate


Baden Württemberg

+49 017687431134